Business Communications and educational consulting


Route 22 group, llc

Route 22 Group, LLC is based in Arlington, Texas. It has two core focuses - business communications and educational consulting. The business communications division works with clients to develop premium print and online content. The educational consulting division develops curriculum and professional development workshops.

Our motto is "21st-century skills, 22nd-century thinking." We take the skills and technology available in today's markets with a forward-thinking approach. Today's business website content must be reviewed and updated on a consistent basis to meet the demands of today's fast-based marketplace. When companies partner with the Route 22 Group, they can focus on growing their businesses while we ensure their content is up-to-date and informative.

Education offers its own unique challenges and opportunities. Many school districts understand that curriculum must prepare students for careers that don't yet exist. We work with individual schools, curriculum departments, charter schools, afterschool programs, and public school districts to enhance their current curriculum with lessons that promote collaboration, critical thinking, and creative thinking, crucial skills that turn learners into leaders.